ThunderBolt Flash Storage

Transcend Thunderbolt SSD Storage Devices

Long before there even was a PC or Mac consumer market for solid-state storage, Transcend International was selling industrial and military solid-state drives back when their capacity was measured in Megabytes, not Gigabytes. They remain an important SSD supplier, especially in the Mac market with their Apple compatible custom-pinout SSD module upgrades for MacBook Pro and Air laptops.


StoreJet Solid-State Portable Combo Drive

256/512/1TB ThunderBolt + USB 3.0

Transcend Single-Drive Portable ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Transcend's only readily available solid-state TBolt offerings are original 10Gbps external combo interface TBolt + USB3 Thunderbolt portable SSD's in 256GB, 512GB and 1 Terabyte capacities.

Transcend Mac PCIe SSD ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Though not initally listed at Amazon, The JetDrive 825 series 240GB, 480GB and 960GB models offer a very high-speed NVMe PCIe SSD module in a slim, aluminum 10Gbps Thunderbolt enclosure with integrated cable.

StoreJet Thunderbolt SSD From Transcend

Ultra-Fast PCIe NVMe Storage Module

This is a MAC-SPECIFIC solution that can be used as is with any Thunderbolt enabled Macintosh computer - or as a specific upgrade for MacBooks that use this PCIe form-factor module. More details here.

Transcend Multi-Drive Portable ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

They haven't entered the multi-drive RAID storage market. As a flash memory company, they don't offer full-size hard disk or solid-state desktop drive products.

Other Transcend Storage Hardware

Transcend International should also be noted as one of the few storage companies offering Apple compatible SSD upgrade drive modules for MacBook Air and Pro. Depending on the year, they're SATA III or PCIe modules that match the custom, proprietary pin-outs that Apple has used in it's SSD blades.