Best-Selling External Western Digital ThunderBolt SSD Products

ThunderBolt Interface Storage

WD Brand Thunderbolt Computer Storage Devices

Western Digital is a long-established company that only recently has moved into solid-state flash memory storage. With it's recent acquisition of SanDisk, Western Digital is poised to leverage SanDisk's extensive and impressive portfolio of flash memory based technology and products.

ThunderBolt 3 USB-C / USB-A Dual Flash Drive

For Mac's Old And New

Above, WD's SanDisk division is at least offering a solid-state flash memory drive with dual connectors and a slide mechanism to expose or retract them. At one end, a Type-C USB 3.1 / ThunderBolt 3 connector for more recent MacBooks and iMacs with TBolt3, the other a standard Type-A connector for USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 ports. With data transfer rates around 150MBps it easily outperforms any single external hard drive storage solution.

WD Single-Drive Portable ThunderBolt Backup Drives

WD Single-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Western Digital's best known for it's extensive line of MyBook hard drive based single, RAID and network NAS storage solutions - but haven't yet diversified into SSD storage - yet.

WD Multi-Drive Portable ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

WD My Passport Pro Thunderbolt RAID

Dual HDD Portble TBolt Array

WD Multi-Drive Desktop ThunderBolt RAID Backup Drives

Other Western Digital SSD Hardware

WD recently began selling it's own line of bare 2.5" 6GBPS SATA III SSD drives that they're likely to use in future ThunderBolt storage devices.