Our Website's Privacy Policies

Below are some salient points about this site's online privacy policy.

Browser Cookies

This site, like most others on the net gathers generic browser cookie data about the nature of the site visitor, their interactions with the website and other system and behavioral data. If you do not with to be tracked, use your web browser's cookie preferences to prevent, remove and manage cookie handling.

Afilliate and FTC Disclosure

Primarily, we're a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com USA. Occasionally, we may also participate in affiliate programs from companies such as Commission Junction, eBay, LinkShare or others.

This computer hardware site highlights some of the current products available on the market. Linked items should not be construed as an implicit purchase recommendation. It's your responsibility to evaluate each product as to it's features and suitibility for your computing environment. Ideally, your buying decisions are culled from a wide variety of online resources, hands on retail evaluation when possible, and by directly visiting the manufacturer's website.

Email Privacy Policy

Unlike many, many websites that attempt to gather user info via pop-ups and opt-in dialogs, we're not out to gather your email address for further remarketing and promotional uses. We make no overt efforts to gather your name, email address or other info.

However, if you do opt to use our Contact page, your email will only be used to respond to your inquiry, then promptly deleted. End of story. If you do not wish to reveal your name or email account info, don't use the contact form, simple as that.


This constitutes the succinct but essential terms of our website's online privacy.